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Mental Health and Wellbeing Page

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Difficult feelings about the coronavirus pandemic

This page explains difficult feelings and emotions you might be experiencing about the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. It also has tips on managing these feelings and where to get more support.

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World Mental Health Day

UKW7 has today launched its new website section, in support of World Mental Health Day 2020. We have launched a Health and Wellbeing section. Here you can find a section on Mental Health & Wellbeing (active), Emotional Wellbeing (under construction) and Physical Wellbeing (Under Construction). This year with all the isolation, world issues and Covid … Continue Reading World Mental Health Day

Talking Mental Health

One of the biggest issues people face with Mental Health, is the ability to talk and express themselves and their feelings.This can be due to uncertain and fear, of who those closet (and not so close) to you, will preceive and treat you there after. Improvements in ending or reducing the stigma of Mental Health, … Continue Reading Talking Mental Health

Mental Health And Wellbeing page

Here you will find new links to Health and Wellbeing advice, services, support, training and more.

Links to organisations

Organisations, service and support can be found here.

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