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Milestone For UKW7

Today UKW7s are pleased to annouce we are officially a member of the Sport and
Recreation Alliance (formerly known as Central Council of Physical Recreation).

The Sport and Recreation Alliance is the representative body for national sports
organisations in the United Kingdom. The Alliance is also the main body for sport and recreation in the UK, representing 320 member organisations.

This is a landmark achievement for UKW7 and Wheelchair Sevens in general. We are extremely proud of the fantastic journey we have been on getting this
recognition for all involved in UKW7. With the support of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, we will continue on this foundation for a fully inclusive sport for all.
We look forward to working closer with the Sport and Recreation Alliance, in years to come.

Adam Mould, Chair UKW7

Adam Mould, would like to send a special thanks to Alan Caron (Vice Chair).

Lisa Wainwright, CEO of the Sport and Recreation Alliance said about UKW7s
becoming a member…

We’re delighted to welcome the United Kingdom Wheelchair Sevens Rugby Union as an Alliance member. As the voice of the sport and recreation sector, we are
extremely passionate about creating a sector that is diverse and inclusive for all – UK Wheelchair Sevens addresses exactly this. We look forward to working with them in the future as they make progress towards becoming a fully recognised national governing body.

Lisa Wainwright, CEO of Sport and Recreation Alliance.

UKW7s will benefit from information and services as apart fo the membership, some of these will be:

  1. Voice of the Sector
    • Westminster Round Up
    • Campaigns and Initiatives
    • Latest sector updates
  2. In-house expertises
    • Governance
    • Policy
    • Communications
    • Research and Development
  3. Events, Training and Networking
    • Events
    • Learning and Training
    • Networking

To read more please click here

Members of the Sport and Recreation Alliance range from large national governing bodies (NGBs) of sport such as the Football Association (FA) and the Rugby Football Union (RFU) to smaller members such as stoolball or kitesurfing; as well as many more (i.e. Commonwealth Games England, Special Olympics GB, etc.)

You can find out more about the different memberships here. UKW7s is listed in
Membership and Respresentative bodies.

UKW7 list in Membership and Representative bodies

Now as a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, we will be working towards National Governing Body status and are currently working on our ‘road map’ back to Wheelchair Sevens. More news to follow

UKW7s would like to thank the Sport and
Recreation Alliance for accepting us as a member.
We look forward to all the great opportunities this will bring.

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