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Going into 2021

UKW7 would like to take the time to thank our volunteers, sponsors, supporters and most importantly our player members, for the last year.
We know the year of 2020 has not played out like we all wished, and most of us would never have imagine this year playing out like it has.
Sadly, due to the Pandemic we didn’t get to complete the 2019-20 season as we wanted; and more unfortunately we haven’t been able to being the 2020-21 season.

However, during this time our team of volunteer committee members have been working hard, in the background; to bring us all some big news for the New Year.
UKW7 looks forward to sharing this news with you in the upcoming weeks, and it will be a big step forward in the sports growth and the UKW7 commitment to development overall.

We would also like to thank our Nations sponsors Clinisupplies and SRG Elite, for coming on board with the UKW7 nations and the nations competition, also the club competition.
More information can be found here.

We would like to say this year has not been easy for anyone, whether it’s been directly affected by Covid-19 or indirectly i.e. not being able to train with your teams, etc. But with the developments of the new vaccines, we hope this will be the beginning of the dark tunnel, showing a light.

If you are struggling during this Pandemic with your Mental Health, please visit our Mental Health Section here. Also do not forget to message someone you know, even if it’s just to say “Hi thinking about you, hope your well” this could make a great difference to someone.

UKW7 will continue to work as hard as possible to try and re-establish a competition in the New Year or alternative events later in the year.

Finally if you have any happy memories from this year, whether its wheelchair sevens related or not please feel free to share them in the ‘Leave a Reply’ below. Alternatively a Happy New Year message would be great too.

#UKW7 #WheelchairSevens #IAmElite

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