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University Documentary on Wheelchair Sevens

This year prior to the lockdown, Adam Mould (Chair of UKW7) from Glasgow Panthers Wheelchair Sevens Rugby Union Club; was approached by students of University of Stirling.
These students planned to do a mini documentary as apart of their final university piece.
The mini documentary would profile several of the different players of the Glasgow Panthers, their experiences in the sport and club; as well as document their approach to the Grand Final day in Ebbw Vale.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances that have fall upon ourselves and the World, the Grand Finals had to be cancelled and the unfortunately the completion of the documentary had to be cancelled too.

We managed to have a catch up with Katherine Jardine (producer/production manager), and ask her some questions about the piece; her’s what she had to say…

Q. Was this project for you’re dissertation? If so how did you get on?
“This was a project for my final year dissertation, we ended up getting a 1st for the project and graduating with a 2:1 overall.

Q. What was the reason for you choosing to cover wheelchair sevens rugby union?
The team and I knew from the beginning we wanted to explore hidden illnesses and disabilities to shine light on the reality of chronic illness when trying to live everyday lives. Wheelchair rugby with Adam was something that caught our attention straight away. It was an area the majority of people didn’t know much about and Adam and the team had such an amazing story to tell.

Q. Was it just you or you and others doing this project?
Yes me and 4 others. Jack Mackie – camera. Rowan harper – sound. Leon Gibb – editing and Ryan Connolly was our director. I was the producer/production manager.

Q. What was the plans for the project prior to the complications of lockdown?
The initial plans was to follow the team down to wales for the final. Exploring the relationship between the team from more of a family aspect whilst off the court.

Q. What have you learnt from the making of the project?
I’ve learnt a lot in this project. I learned about the range of disabilities within the team whilst getting to know each player. They taught me a lot about teamwork, strength and determination. It was such a welcoming and loving team to work with and they made the experience so fantastic.

Q. Would you be looking to do more filming in the future?
We definitely want to film more! Even though we have graduated we still feel a massive need to finish the film even if it’s not the way initially planned.

Below are video’s that Katherine and her student colleagues submitted.

UKW7 would like to congratulate Katherine and her student colleagues, for their results at University and thank them too.

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