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UKW7 Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 17th August 2020, 7pm (BST)

Traditionally the AGM take place either directly after the Finals of that years competition, or shortly after (end of March / April).
However this years AGM had to be delayed for several reasons, due to ill health and unavailability of alot of the committee, restricitions on travel; and most notably the Covid-19 Pandemic.

UKW7 is now in a better position to now hold this coming AGM and it will be held via Zoom, to help with the continued guidelines and support social distancing.

To access the Zoom meeting you have to email to inform the committee of your intent to attend. When you contact UKW7, you will be sent a Meeting ID and the Password.
You will then need to download Zoom via one of the following systems:

Apple or iOS



Attached are documents relating to the upcoming AGM.

At this AGM there will be 1 new position available. This postion is as followed:


Welfare Officer

People can apply for the above position, by:

  • Completing the UKW7 Nomination form (See below)
  • Return this form to or the address listed on the form

You can propose yourself or someone for the above position.
If you are proposing someone other than yourself, we would request you inform the person of your intentions.

The above positions will be voted upon by the committee, choosing the ideal candidate based upon their personal statement and if necessary/required relevant qualifications (i.e. Safeguarding courses and training, etc.)

The agenda of the AGM is attached and any of the membership that has a motion they would like considering for change to the constitution, can fill in the motions document and send it in. (details in the form)
If membership have questions for the committee these will be raised in Any Other Business (A.O.B.)

All Nominations and Motion Forms have to be submitted to the Committee by 9:00am, Monday 10th August 2020.
Then the Motions for the constitution will be submitted Monday evening.
A vote by proxy form will be available to any member wishing to vote, but has sent apologies to the Committee.

Other document


AGM Covering Letter

AGM Calling Letter

Motions Form (Constitution)

If you have any further questions about the AGM and/or general questions please feel free to send UKW7 an email to
or get intouch via our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂 ♿7️⃣🏉

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