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Two Training Courses

We are bring you information about two online training courses, that are free and useful for you and your club.

First is a new course from

Openlearning provides MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in a wide varitey of sectors and categories.
One of there newer Free course is COVID Safe Sport Coaches & Officials Certification

This course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the basics about the COVID-19 virus, including how it is spread.
  • Describe what you can do to protect yourself and others.
  • Know what to do if you develop symptoms.
  • Know what to do if people in your club develop symptoms.
  • Tell the difference between myths and facts about COVID-19.

The second course is repeat of a course we posted about back on the 14th June. This course is Crowdfund Sport.

Ever wondered about Crowdfunder? Ever thought about how it could possibly benefit your club? Well you can now find out more by attending this online training via Eventbrite. Training is Wednesday 15th July, to find out more. (More dates and times are available)

During the 30 minute online workshop you’ll learn about:

  • How crowdfunding works.
  • Crowdfund Sport grant funding and how you can access it.
  • Guidance and support available.
  • You’ll also hear insights from a sports organisation who has successfully crowdfunded.

How to access the online workshop

Register for free through Eventbrite (Click Here) to receive a link to the live webinar the day before the event. You will receive this via email, so please check your spam/ junk folder. A webcam and microphone are not required to join this live workshop.

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