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One year ago today saw a milestone for Scotland W7 and UKW7.

Scotland W7 became officially recognised by Scottish Rugby Union (SRU). Here is the article from our former website.
Welcome to Murrayfield Scotland Wheelchair 7’s

This coming Tuesday 28th May, 2019 Scotland W7’s will be going to the home of Scottish Rugby, Murrayfield, to be presented with official SRU rugby kits.

This is a significant step forward in the sport of Wheelchair 7’s Rugby, as the Scottish team, will now be official recognised by their running game National Governing Body; this will now allow them to have the honour of wearing their countries crest on their kit.

Adam Mould, Scotland W7’s Head Coach and Chairperson, when asked to comment on this moment ‘How are you feeling hearing this news?’, stated:

Adam Mould, Scotland W7’s (click image to go to Facebook page)

Just so full of pride for my young team who have always worn there hearts on there sleeves, and now they get to wear the thistle on their chests.”

“To be recognised by SRU for making contributions to Scottish Rugby and proving we are all equal in sport and life

We all at UKW7s, would like to congratulation Adam Mould and all involved with Scotland W7’s, on this incredible achievement.

Originally written in 28th May 2019

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