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Talking Mental Health

One of the biggest issues people face with Mental Health, is the ability to talk and express themselves and their feelings.
This can be due to uncertain and fear, of who those closet (and not so close) to you, will preceive and treat you there after.

Improvements in ending or reducing the stigma of Mental Health, espically Suicide has improved; but still there is those area of misunderstanding, lack of acceptance and mind set of weakness.

A video produced by UK charity Movember, announced a staggering fact that one person will commit suicide / or end their life, around the world every minute. They placed this in comparison to a rugby match, stating based on this statistic; that’s 80 people will die around The World due to Suicide during a rugby match.
Click the Movember link above to view the video.

More is happening with regards to Rugby Players at the Pro-Level and in general everyday life.
You can find out more about charities, organisations and support groups by click this link.

Below is a video from The Rugby Players Association, interviewing Jono Kitto, All Black and Worcester Warriors, Scrum Half.

Jono Kitto, Talking Depression

More video’s will be on our YouTube channel soon.

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