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Mental Health & Sport

This week UKW7 will be posting about Mental Health & Sport. UKW7 will be looking to provide you with links, resources, videos, etc. all related to Rugby and Sport.

We will be looking from the players position, coaching, club and officials position.

Below starts our information campaign.

Scottish Rugby Union, have a mental wellbeing page with information on 5 ways to improve wellbeing.
Information about a phone support service called BreathSpace.

Click the SRU image to left to visit the Mental Wellbeing section of SRU.

‘Keep Your Boots On’ is RFU mental health and wellbeing section.

Here you can find a Webniar on ‘Supporting Mental Health in Rugby’, Mental Health Training and more.

Click on the RFU logo to left to visit mental health and wellbeing section of the RFU.

State Of Mind is designed for the improvement of mental health and wellbeing in Rugby League.

The website provides resourses, advice and training opportunities.

Click on the State Of Mind logo to left to visit resources section of State Of Mind.

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