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Workshop Monday 18/5/20

UKW7, are looking to provide our clubs and their members with opportunities for the development.
The first workshop we are looking to provide…

Planning For Your Future

Details of what course will cover:

  • Understand what constitutes a business plan, its value, function and who should be involved in the process.
  • Begin developing a business plan using a simple framework
  • Describe how to structure an effective business plan to meet the needs of their club
  • Understand how to access further information to support business planning

This course will be run by Sport Structures & Club Matters.

The workshop will run this coming Monday evening at 7pm – 9pm online.
If you would like to sign up for 2 places or more, can you email the following information to

  • First name / last name
  • Postcode (for the participant, not the club)
  • Email address
  • Device they will be using to attend the workshop (laptop, tablet, smart-phone). A smart phone device is acceptable but functionality for interactive elements of the workshop is limited

You will be then sent a link out to sign-in on the evening.

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