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Mental Health Matters

In these extremely unique, tough and challenging times, we understand that peoples mental health must be highten more than usual.

We at UKW7 would like to say that you are not alone. Mental Health is unqiue to the individual, but similar in its effects.

We would like to help our players, coaches, officials, volunteers and supports; by providing you with a list of services to seek advice and support during these times and beyond.

Support List

C.A.L.M. (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) provides a webchat and phone line service between 5pm and midnight, 365 days of the year.
Click the image to the left to visit the website.

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation provides information about mental health conditions, advices and more. The foundation has been going for over 70 years.
Click the image to the left to visit the website.


Mind, provides information and support. It has guidance of what to do if you are in urgent need and has 125 local Mind offices.
Click the image to the left to visit the website.


YoungMinds, provides a service dedicated to young people, but also advice for parents of young people with Mental Health conditions.
Click the image to the left to visit the website.

There are so many more charities and organisations offering advice, support, guidance, resources and more. Click any of the logos below it will take you to the website.

Other links

If you feel there is any other information people maybe in need of at this time, from services locally, regionally and nationally or support and advice; please suggest them in the ‘leave a reply’ at the bottom of the post.
Feel free to share this page through your social media, via the share button.

Keep safe, and take care of yourself and others during these tough times, if its safe to do so.

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