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UKW7 Finals Due to COVID-19 outbreak

UKW7 committee member last night called an emergency meeting to discuss the issue that is effecting the world currently, Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The committee based on many factors, advice and guidance from other sports organisations, business and events organisers have taken the difficult decision to cancelled the 2019-20 Finals.

The finals where due to take place in Ebbw Vale on Saturday 21st March, but due to recent outbreaks in Britian, sporting bodies cancelling events and with recent outbreaks in Newport, South Wales; the league felt this was the appropriate action.

Currently appointed, UKW7 Referees Development Officer Alana Sergant stated:

“I personally believe that due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the advice from UK Government and action taken by other National Governing Bodies of Sports it is in the best interest to postpone any events to reduce the potential risk and ensure the health safety and wellbeing of all involved within our sport.”

Alana Sergant, UKW7 Referee Development

UKW7 Chair had this as to say:

“We as a governing body have chosen to postpone the event on 21st March, due to Coronavirus. On recommendations from government agencies advice and other sporting governing groups throughout the UK.
We want to make sure all our players, volunteers, referees and spectators are in a safe environment and think it is a responsible action to take.”

Adam Mould, UKW7 Chair
Click the above picture to go to Public Health England Guidance page

UKW7 would like to thank everyone for their understanding on the decision to cancel the current finals event.
We will keep you apprised on future developments.

Please click the image directly above to go to Public Health England’s guidance page on Coronvirus.

If you feel you are experiencing any of the symptoms, please call NHS on 111 to seek advice.

Kind regards

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