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New Club Hereford Join the League

Hereford RFC join Wheelchair Sevens

On Sunday 26th January the UKW7 League will restart after the Christmas break, and it looks like the league has been given the gift of a new team.

UKW7 would like to welcome Hereford Rugby Club in to the league.

Hereford has a lengthy heritage as a running club since 1870, but they also have significant experience in Wheelchair Rugby League.

Hereford Wheelchair Rugby League club has produced several international players in the Rugby League Code (WhRL) and a some of these have crossed codes to international duties in Wheelchair Sevens.

Hereford Wheelchair RFC is building itself up and developing it club for both codes of Rugby in Wheelchairs (Sevens and League).

They have great coaching experience in Alan Caron and Lyndon Price, as well as playing experience in Alan, Gary Preece, Phil Davies and Andrew Holley.

As a new club Hereford are recruiting for more players, of all ages (14 and up), genders, abled-bodied and disabled. Go to our Teams page to find contact details for Hereford Wheelchair RFC; or click on the club logo above to go to clubs Facebook page.

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